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September Castle (eBook)

Autor: Simon Raven
CHF 10.30
ISBN: 978-0-7551-3002-3
Einband: Adobe Digital Editions
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Basic human desires merge with the occult in a complex and erotic tale of a hunt across Europe. Ptolemaeos Tunne is determined to discover a hoard of valuable buried treasure. His only clue is a bizarre medieval legend about a possessed Greek princess with a bad reputation. What he doesn't know is that his sixteen-year-old mistress Jo-Jo has unwittingly betrayed him to some very dangerous enemies.

Autor Simon Raven
Verlag House of Stratus
Einband Adobe Digital Editions
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Seitenangabe 288 S.
Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
Masse 844 KB
Plattform EPUB

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