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Imaging and Technology in Urology

Principles and Clinical Applications
Autor: Steve (Hrsg.) Payne
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ISBN: 978-1-4471-2421-4
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Imaging and Technology in Urology: Principles and Clinical Applications is a practical and user-friendly consolidated source book for urologists, and urologists in training, regarding the basic science of imaging modalities used on a day-to-day basis in urological practice. Similarly, the intention is to provide an introduction to the technology that is used in the practice of urological surgery and the management of urological patients in the clinical setting. This knowledge is one of the eight separate disciplines examined in the oral component of the knowledge examination for independent, consultant, practice in urology in the UK. The book is also valuable to urologists and urological trainees outside of the UK and in other surgical specialities.

From the reviews:

"Chapters in this book is a focused snapshot of the technologies and techniques that are commonly used in urologic practice. ? Although it is intended as a quick reference for practicing urologists and a study guide for training physicians ? the book could serve equally well as a valuable reference for urology trainees in other countries. Its compact, easy-to-read chapters would be helpful for ? healthcare specialists seeking to quickly reinforce their knowledge of the facts behind the technologies used in everyday urology." (Costas E. Lallas, Doody's Review Service, July, 2012)
Autor Steve (Hrsg.) Payne
Verlag Springer Nature EN
Einband Fester Einband
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Seitenangabe 388 S.
Lieferstatus Lieferbar in ca. 20-45 Arbeitstagen
Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
Abbildungen XVI, 388 p.
Masse H23.5 cm x B15.5 cm 770 g
Coverlag Springer (Imprint/Brand)

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